Our Story

Our story began in the mid 2000s when we were completing fire risk assessments using pen and paper, spending hours compiling, formatting, editing and printing our reports and posting them to our clients. Whilst some fire risk assessment software did exist, it was very basic and the hardware was slow and cumbersome to use, requiring docking stations, dongles and styluses.

The iPad was launched in 2010 and it was clear that this was a device which had the potential to be used in the field to complete assessments. We set about developing our own risk assessment software to solve our problems and equip our clients to manage the outcomes of their assessments.

The benefits of this approach were immediately obvious. The system we had built more than halved how long it took to produce a finished report, improved consistency across multiple assessors, and gave customers a better experience. It wasn't long before the system we had built became adopted by fire consultancies and organisations conducting assessments in-house.

Over the years our in-house development team has continued to adapt and evolve GoPAD. We've added features such as photo galleries, QuickText and report validation, and have recently completely re-built our portal using the latest web technologies.

GoPAD is now widely used in the industry - from single consultants to multi-national companies - with thousands of individual users. Many of our customers have become third-party accredited using our system.

We are proud of what we've built and look forward to working closely with new and existing customers alike.