User access to GoPAD is controlled by allocating one or more roles, and giving them access to one or more forms. To change a user's roles and form access:

1. Click on People under the Teams tab on the top menu bar

2. Click on the user's name

3. Click on the Roles tab

The Roles page is divided into four sections:


The Roles section lists the different roles which are available. As you tick / untick the roles, the Permissions listed at the bottom of the page will change, so you can see what a user will be able to do with the roles you've selected.

Report Approval Rate

The Record Approval Rate enables you to control what proportion of new reports created by that user will require approval under the Report Approval Process.

Note: The Report Approval Rate section will only be displayed if the user has the Report Author role ticked.


Ticking / unticking the forms listed will control which forms the user has access to (a user with the Team Admin role will automatically have access to all forms in the team).


The Permissions section tells you what a user can do with the combination of roles you've selected.

A summary of the various permissions associated with different roles is:

  Team Admin Form Admin Report Author Report Manager Report Reader Report Owner Task Owner
Manage Users            
Change System Settings            
View Unapproved Reports        
View Approved Reports
Edit Reports        
Add Notes  
Assign Reports          
Delete Reports          
Manage Tasks     ✓* ✓^
Export Data        
Complete New Reports            

* A Report Owner can update tasks if the tasks belong to a report of which they are the owner

^ A Task Owner can update tasks if they are the owner of the task


1. To set up one of your users as an assessor, they will need to have at least a  'Report Author' role.

2. To set up a client with access to their report, you would need to set them up as a user with at least a 'Report Reader'. Commonly they will also be assigned a 'Report Manager' role which will allow them to add notes and update their tasks as they action them.