Report revision is the process of revising a report following a re-visit, for example a periodic revision of a fire risk assessment.

How to Revise a Report

A report can be revised with the Team Admin or Form Admin roles:

1. Go to the Reports page

2. Select the report(s) (which must have an 'Approved' status)

3. Select Assign from the Actions dropdown

4. When the next page opens, select the user(s) you want to assign the report(s) to

5. Click on 'Revise'

What Happens when a Report is Revised?

When a report is revised, the current version of the report is saved and a new version is created, as an identical copy of the previous version.

The user(s) to who you assigned the report to will be notified that they have been assigned a report for revision, and will receive the new version of the report next time they sync their device.

When the user opens the new version of the report on their device, they will be able to make changes, add new tasks and update existing tasks. Because the report is an exact copy of the previous version, most fields will already be completed any may not need changing.

Once the user has completed the revision, they can upload the report to the GoPAD portal in the usual way, where it will then be handled according to the QA process. Using this process a new version of the report is created which helps with QA tracking.