Note: Editing (webform or asssignment) is not allowed if a report has been Approved. If this is the case, the report must first be put back into review to be edited. See here for further details.


When a report has been uploaded to the GoPAD portal, it can be edited using the Webform feature (depending on your user roles).

To support easy editing, the Webform opens the entire report in one window, enabling you to scroll through the report without having to open new windows for each section. The Webform supports all the conditional logic of the GoPAD app, and supports most other app features.

If you are editing a report which has a QA status of In Review you will notice a coloured dot next to each field. These have been added so that you can easily track what changes have been made to the report since the previous version:

New value
The previous version of the report did not have a value for this field.

No Change
The value of the field has not been changed since the previous version.

The value of the field is different than in the previous version.


Editing on the App

It is also possible to send the report back to a user's mobile device so that they can edit the report using the GoPAD App. We call this an 'assignment'.

To assign a report:

1. Go to the Reports page

2. Select the report(s) to wish to assign (which cannot have an 'Approved' status)

3. Select Assign from the Actions dropdown

4. When the next page opens, select the user(s) you want to assign the report(s) to

5. Click on 'Edit'

The user will be notified that a report has been assigned to them for editing, and will receive the report next time they sync their device.