To create a new report, simply tap the form which you want to use. When you tap a form, two things could happen:

1. If no reports currently exist,  you will be directed straight to a new report.

2. If you've already started some reports, then you will be directed to a screen showing all the reports currently on your device. To open one of these, simply tap on it. Or to start a new report, tap the 'plus' sign in the top right hand corner.

You can complete the form in any order you wish. It does not need to be completed sequentially.

You do not need to have an internet connection to complete the data collection on the app, but a good internet connection is required to upload the completed report to the Portal.

Once you are happy with a section, ensure you press Done and check that a blue tick is now displayed next to the section on the homepage.

Once you are happy that all fields have been completed (blue ticks all along each section and no mandatory fields outstanding) then you can proceed back to the master homepage and sync your device using the icon in the top right corner. This begins the process of uploading your report to the Portal. Again, ensure you have a good, reliable internet connection for this in order to avoid any 'time out' error messages.